Oracle Licensing – The Book

Oracle Licensing – The Book

Guide to Procurement & License Management of
Oracle Software, Hardware, Cloud & Services

The goal of the book is to provide a comprehensive view of all aspects of Oracle to reduce costs, manage license compliance and become more efficient in negotiations.

The subjects dealt with in this book authored by Sheshagiri are Oracle Licensing, Oracle Contracts, License Compliance Issues as well as Oracle’s History & Sales Culture.

Oracle is also a pioneer in the technology industry. The book also provides a broad insight into the history of Oracle, the company’s development of the RDBMS & continuous technological innovations that have shaped the data management technologies.

Sheshagiri says, “Procurement & technologists can confidently handle most of the licensing challenges by using this book. I have written it to be a reference book for both the layman & the licensing professional

Praise for the book

Congratulations on your good job, Sheshagiri. Essential to understand the licensing and contracting models of Oracle as well as its internal functioning :)”

“Decades of experience in one book When it comes to licensing, there is no one better than Sheshagiri. This book has his decades of experience poured into words. Simply amazing and must read who want an insight.”

This is the best material I have found to learn Oracle licensing. As an Oracle salesperson, I was always searching for a single document that explained licensing, contracts, brief product functionality, support & license compliance. Your ability to unite all these aspects is brilliant.”

“This book has helped us make the needed changes to reduce costs without purchasing additional licenses. The explanations are so clear that we can easily understand our mistakes and take corrective action.”

Book Contents

History, Culture, Strategy

Birth & Growth of Oracle,
Larry – Man who can see tomorrow,
50 people who Contributed to Oracle Growth
Database Wars 

  • Ingres, Informix, Sybase
  • How IBM & DEC helped Oracle; Mistakes of Sun Microsystem
  • Teradata, SAP, MS SQL
  • MongoDB, Snowflake, Redshift, Aurora
Products & License Compliance

Database (Editions, Options, Packs, Cloud Editions)
Weblogic Editions & other middleware products
Java, Linux, MySQL, KVM, OVM,
E-Business Suite, Siebel, BI, PSFT, JDE
Clinical, Banking, Telecom, Utilities, Hospitality

  • Cloud Strategy, OCI Architecture,
  • OCI Terminology, OCI Metrics
  • IaaS, PaaS SaaS
Licensing, Contracts, Audits

License Types
License Metrics
Contract Types
Technical Support Policy

  • Business Practices
  • License Audits
  • Joint Partner Engagements
  •  SAM Tools
Sales Culture, How to Win


  • Sales Culture – license to bill?
  • Audit Culture – worse than the taxman;
  • Technical knowledge of salespeople
  • Dangers of Key & Global Account Program
  • Cross Product Leverage & Internal Battles

Changes in Financial Reporting & How it helps the customer
Leveraging the ecosystem
List of Independent License Consultants

Author Speak

I wrote this book because there is no one single easily digestible resource that brings Oracle’s product descriptions, licensing policies, and company culture together. This book aims to fill that gap and act as a comprehensive introduction

Even without their database, which incidentally anchors many critical core applications, Oracle’s products are crucial to an enterprise’s success in the marketplace. Oracle’s broad portfolio and many acquisitions make it nearly impossible for any firm to remove them from your sourcing strategy.  Oracle’s licensing is complex and needs to be understood to get the best value from investments. This book will help.


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