Baseline Oracle License Review

Proactively mimic the Oracle License Audit

The Baseline License Audit provides your organization with an Effective License Position for installed & used Oracle software. The review mimics an Oracle License Audit. Simulating a similar environment & procedures to an actual Oracle audit provides you with exactly the same reports & compliance analysis.

This helps you identify over and under usage, gives you the opportunity to remediate & rebalance your deployment to eliminate risks, reduce costs and establish a true baseline to feed into requirements for your next renewal.

Oracle Baseline Review Process

Baseline License Review Scope of Work & Deliverables

Determine The Deployment

The following tools are used to obtain an enterprise wide understanding of installed and used Oracle software

  • Agentless Network Scan to determine hardware servers & deployment architecture in the enterprise network
  • Scripts & agentless scans to get virtualization information (for VMware)
  • Scripts to check the presence of Oracle in different machines
  • Scripts to get detailed information of Oracle products installed including all the features enabled & used
Contracts Analysis
  • Determine your entitlements of different Oracle licenses
  • Understand your oracle agreements, standard usage rights & license definitions
  • Analyze the rights, obligations & risks of any non-standard language in your contracts
Effective License Position
  • A global Oracle deployment report across your enterprise
  • Server-wise Oracle license analysis
  • Financial analysis for exposure and risks including license & support fees
Optimization and Re-balancing
  • Recommendations to optimize license usage through architectural changes
  • Feature usage remediation recommendations
  • Reduce compliance gaps & costs
Deliverables of a Baseline License Review
  • Global deployment report
  • Evidence of Feature Usage
  • Effective License Position
  • Remediation & Cost Reduction Strategy

We provide one-time assessments as well as Annual/Bi-Annual Assessment Services

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